Living for god

Living for God is our first and most important goal and mission statement.  We believe that as a person makes the decision to live for God then life will be filled with blessings, fun, adventure, and an opportunity to live for something beyond ourselves.

As we live for God, then we naturally begin to live to serve others.  Jesus' entire ministry and life was about helping others and meeting them where they were.  So our mission as believers and members of LifeGate is to live to see others freed and fulfilling their lives in God.  He has the best life for us that we could possibly imagine!

loving god

This is the essence of Christian life!  The Word says, "We love Him because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19)  Because Jesus loved us so much He gave everything for us, and that is why we love Him with everything in us.  His love is what saves us, helps us grow, and helps us know how to help others.  We show God our love through the way we live, our worship, and our relationship with Him.

Loving others  goes hand in hand with loving God.  When we understand God's love for us, we can love ourselves and love others as He wants us to.  LIfeGate reaches out to every area of El Paso to help others because we desire to show everyone the true love of God.

Build the kingdom

When we build up others, encourage them through showing them love, and live to help others realize the freedom they have in Christ; then we are building the kingdom of God.  Our motto is "Building the kingdom of God through the bonds of love".  This is our heart's desire and God's desire.  He came to show love, to change people's lives, and to save an entire world.  He commissioned us to do the same, and the absolute only way to do that is to be a reflection of God, a reflection of love.