Men's meetings

Every Wednesday night at 7pm, a loyal group of men meet together to learn the Word, encourage each other, and experience the presence of God.  Led by David Gainer, they challenge each other to grow in God, experience freedom in God, and share their faith with others. The atmosphere is casual and comfortable. Our "Mighty Men's Group" is a great place to start returning to church if you have been out for a while.

mighty men's dinner

In the Bible, King David had a small group of men who accompanied him in battle.  They supported David in his quest to defeat Saul, and they listened and learned to his God-led leadership. Once a month, Pastor Buster Russell meets with all the men to have dinner and teach and encourage them in the Word and things of God. Just like David did with his mighty men, Pastor instructs the men on what it is to be a Godly man in the home and workplace and life.  All men young and old are invited so check the calendar for the next night.